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SWIN-BIZ-ROCKSTAR contest aims at fostering an entrepreneurial mindset and nurturing the capability of initiating and managing new businesses for Swinburne students and external participants with an interest in entrepreneurship.

The contest is designed to create a platform for Swinburne students and participants to showcase their entrepreneurial ideas and from that to have interaction with and receive mentoring, and training from competent, experienced businessman. 






Swin-Biz-Rockstar Season 4

Swin-Biz-Rockstar (season 4) looks for novel, impactful entrepreneurial ideas with a new business model or applications of advanced technologies to solve the problems of markets. The topics for Swin-Biz-Rockstar (season 4) include the following tracks:

+ Track 1: Agritech
Entrepreneurial ideas with the application of technologies for agricultural practices, fishing, and farming, to solve problems in the agriculture sector. 
+ Track 2: Healthtech
Entrepreneurial ideas that apply advanced to solve problems in the health sector and improve the quality of life. 
+ Track 3: Edutech
Entrepreneurial ideas with solutions to problems in the education sector and applying innovative technologies. This may involve the use of technology to improve education and learning.
+ Track 4: Proptech
Entrepreneurial ideas with the application of technologies to modernize the real estate marketplaces, solve the problems of home buying and selling, and enhance property brokerage services. 
+ Track 5: Greentech
Entrepreneurial ideas with the application of technologies to minimize negative environmental impacts and create positive influences on the environment. This may include clean energy, environmental, or sustainable products and services.
+ Track 6: Fashiontech
Entrepreneurial ideas with the use of technology to create new and innovative clothing and accessories. This involves using technology to improve the design, production, and distribution of fashion products.

For all tracks, entrepreneurial ideas should include a new business model or a technology-enabled solution to deliver outcomes better, cheaper, or faster than the traditional alternatives in business contexts.



Group of 3 to 5 members, aged from 15 to 30, who are:

Teams’ entrepreneurial ideas must have not been awarded any prizes in the final rounds of worldwide, nationwide, or regional entrepreneurial or innovative idea contests.
In each team, there must be at least 2 team members who are currently studying in a university.

Undergraduate student groups who are currently enrolled in a university in Vietnam or foreign countries

Students of Swinburne University of Technology

High school students

Board of Advisors

Other industry experts and business lecturers

Mr. Pham Hong Quat

General Director - National Agency for Technology Entrerpreneurship and Commercialization

Dr. Gordon Campbell

Marketing professor, Swinburne University of Technology Australia

Dr. Hoang Viet Ha

Director of Swinburne

Mr. Hoang Nam Tien

Vice-chairman of FPT Education, Vietnam

Mr. Bobby Liu

Touchstone Partners director, EIR

Dr. Sazali Johari

Director of BLOCK 71 (SEA) and Ecosystem Development at NUS Enterprise (National University of Singapore

Dr. Hyeon Yeo

Professor of AI Business Transformation Program,
KAIST, South Korea

Mr. Masami Negishi

JICA Expert

Mr. Jimmy Pham

Founder and CEO of KOTO

Mr. Maarten Tak

CEO of Causasui, Belgium



Champion award

20 million VND

First runner-up award

10 million VND

Second runner-up award

5 million VND

Aspiring star award

3 million VND x 2 prizes

Best audience award

2 million VND

Impressive Idea Award:

1 million VND x 3 prizes for the Top 3 teams

Additional benefit packages

The 30 top teams selected in the first round will join a boot camp (30 teams will showcase their ideas in their booths to the potential investors and any guests who have an interest in their ideas and visit their booths)

The 30 top teams selected in the first round will be granted a certificate of recognition for participation. Certificates are individually granted to team members

The 30 top teams will receive FunFlow Premium accounts from Beekrowd to use and learn freely for 3 months

Six top teams will have internship opportunities in BeeKrowd or the company’s partnering organizations

Six top teams will receive one-to-one mentoring by experienced experts

Teams with interesting business ideas may receive monetary investment from WeAngles, Beekrowd, and other investment partners of Swinburne Vietnam for execution

Members of the 6 top teams in the final round will receive a registration fee reduction of max 50% from AIESEC (the global youth organization with 40,000 members in more than 120 countries) when applying for internships in foreign countries

Networking with experienced experts in entrepreneurship and potential investors

The top 30 teams will receive 3 training sessions analyzing advancements in applications of technologies in 6 business sectors

Receiving support from Swinburne Business Lab and Swinburne Innovation Space for implementing entrepreneurial ideas and contacting potential investors.




Submitted files: A video of 5 -7 minutes presents the entrepreneurial ideas

Please send the video to: swinbiz@fe.edu.vn 

Note: A written proposal submission is welcomed akin to the video. Submission of demo products or prototypes or prototypes are also welcomed.

Guiding questions for the contents of the video to present entrepreneurial ideas

1. What is the problem of the market? 

2. What is the value of your solution to the market problem? 

5. What is the use of new technology in your business model?

4. What is the business model to deliver your product or service?

3. How is your solution different from the alternatives? 

6. What risks (if any) may be involved for the success of the entrepreneurial venture?

Swinburne Innovation Space (80 Duy Tan, Cau Giay, Hanoi)